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Colored Pencils

From jumbo colored pencils to retractable and neon varieties, we have a wide selection of classroom colored pencils for students. Browse our products today!

Colored pencils are a classic in just about any classroom, especially in the younger years. Whether students are just learning how to hold writing utensils or are ready to be the next Picasso, we have vibrant, budget-friendly colored pencils for sale online to support them and your classroom.

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Colored Pencils for Students

Colored pencils can help students of all ages unleash their imaginations, but some age groups or classrooms benefit more from specific types of pencils. Young learners, for example, might have an easier time working with large or triangular-shaped colored pencils, while older students in art class can work with higher-quality pencils for artists. Some of our products also make things simpler for educators, such as classpacks with hundreds of pencils in convenient cases.
We carry a range of brands known for quality and affordability, such as Crayola®, Sargent Art and Prismacolor® colored pencils, which makes it easier to buy colored pencils for students.
Specialty Colored Pencils Aside from standard colored pencils, you can add a wide range of specialty pencils to your arsenal, such as:
  • Erasable colored pencils. Erasable pencils are great for indecisive kids or those who get frustrated with mistakes.
  • Extra-large and triangular pencils. These jumbo colored pencils provide an easier grip for little kids and are some of the best colored pencils for beginners.
  • Watercolor pencils. Kids can draw lines and brush over them with water for a watercolor effect. These easy-to-use pencils are available in student and artist grades.
  • Retractable colored pencils. Students love a fun, retractable colored pencil, such as the popular Twistables® from Crayola®.
  • Metallic and neon pencils. School children can add a little flair to their artwork with these bright, fun finishes.
Artists' Colored PencilsThe basic principle is the same, but artists' colored pencils have many qualities that make them more appropriate for advanced art applications. For starters, they tend to have stronger pigmentation and are easier to blend. They can also be more durable. We have a wide range of art colored pencils for classrooms for sale, as well as colorless blending pencils.

Colored Pencil Activities

While you could just give students a box of pencils and tell them to go nuts, there are plenty of fun activities you can facilitate to develop drawing skills and stretch those creative muscles:
  • Technique cheat sheet: Guide students through different drawing methods with a colored pencil, such as cross-hatching, stippling and blending. Simply write each technique's name and draw an example beneath it, or print out a worksheet with boxes.
  • School of fish: With younger kids, you can hand each student a printout of a fish and have them color it in. Then, place their work on the bulletin board and create a school.
  • Transparency drawings: Show your art students how powerful layering with colored pencils can be by drawing and shading in glass objects with a single pencil color.

Colored Pencils for Schools From John R. Green Co.

At John R. Green Co., we understand the uniqueness of your classroom and students, which is why we provide a vast selection of school supplies to choose from. Our colored pencils for students come at affordable prices without sacrificing the vibrant quality you deserve. 
To learn more about or buy our student colored pencils, view our different options and reach out to us!