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Scissors & Paper Cutting

Scissors are a popular tool at any age, but they must be safe, efficient and easy to use. Check out our selection of age-appropriate school scissors for sale!

From teachers trimming hundreds of worksheets to students cutting out paper crafts and pipe cleaners, cutting tools are important parts of a classroom. Make sure you and your students can get the job done safely and quickly with the right kinds of scissors and cutting tools.

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Cutting Tools and Scissors for the Classroom for Sale

At John R. Green Co., we know how important it is to find the right tools at the right price, which is why we carry such a wide assortment of scissors and cutting tools, with many coming from trusted brands such as Fiskars®, X-ACTO® and Scotch™. Whether you teach kindergarten, middle school, high school or art or shop students, we can supply your cutting tools. 
Our selection includes the following products:
  • Kids' scissors: With blunt edges and plastic handles, kids' and safety scissors are perfect for children learning how to cut. Most are designed to only cut paper — that means clothes, skin and hair are left unharmed, and you can avoid an uncomfortable phone call home.
  • Student scissors: These multipurpose student scissors are great for older kids since they offer cutting performance similar to adult scissors but with a lightweight design and larger handles for growing hands. Specialty student scissors include snip-loop scissors and low-effort models that may work well for children with special needs.
  • Teachers' scissors and cutting tools: Teachers' scissors typically feature sharper points, better cutting performance and ergonomic handles. In this category, you can also find tools such as paper shapers, circle cutters and self-healing cutting mats. If you like to create lots of handmade decorations, you can't underestimate the power of good cutting tools.
  • Paper trimmers: For heavy-duty cutting, we have many different paper trimmers to choose from, such as guillotine trimmers, laser trimmers, rolling trimmers and portable trimmers.
  • Knives and cutting mats: Crafty teachers and art teachers alike can take advantage of a nice, sharp knife to cut out intricate designs or help students with various art projects. Our selection includes retractable knives, replacement blades and self-healing cutting mats.
  • Classpacks and caddies: Get all the scissors you need for your class in one kit. We have scissor packs for children's scissors and student scissors, some of which come in convenient caddies with handles and color-coded compartments.
Many of our school scissors for sale are available in right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous designs.

Purchase School Scissors From John R. Green Co.

At John R. Green Co., we pride ourselves on delivering quality school supplies at cost-effective prices. No one knows what your students need better than you, which is why we carry such a wide assortment of tools — so you can select the best scissors for your classroom online. From Pre-K to senior year, scissors will be a commonly used tool. Get them from the school supply experts at affordable prices and gain exceptional support.
Explore our scissors and cutting tools for the classroom and place an order. If you have any questions, please reach out to us today!