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Quality, cost-effective student paintbrushes make it easy to bring the arts to your class. Browse our wide variety of paintbrushes for students for sale!

The right brushes are key to getting the effects you're after when working with paints and can come in a wide range of styles. But sometimes, your students just need a simple vessel to get paint on paper without any frills. We have a wide variety of paintbrushes for students for sale, so you can find the right brushes for your class at any skill level.

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Types of Student Paintbrushes for Sale Online

Our large inventory includes individual-stock brushes, moderately sized packs and large classpacks to set your students up for success. You can get just a few brushes for specialty applications or a variety, so each student can use brushes simultaneously. Many products come in conveniently divided packages or easy-to-store plastic cylinders. Keep an eye out for jumbo paintbrushes or easy-grip paintbrushes for little artists.
If you're not familiar with paintbrushes, you may be surprised at how many different types there are. Some of the most popular brushes you'll find for kids and students include:
  • Round-bristle brushes. Round-bristle brushes are one of the most commonly used paintbrushes for kids. They're great for general-purpose painting and offer good control over thicknesses with a thin tip and wider base.
  • Flat-bristle brushes. Flat-bristle brushes are another great all-purpose option with a flat edge for fine lines, straight edges, washes and varnishing.
  • Stubby/stipple/stencil brushes. This brush is short and stiff, good for stencils and soft dotting effects.
  • Wash/mop brushes. Use these wide and soft bristles for covering large surface areas and watercoloring.
  • Varnish/utility brushes. Varnish/utility brushes have long, large and flat bristles like you'd find for painting a wall in your house.
  • Long-handled/easel brushes. These brushes have extra-long handles so painters can stand farther back from an easel while working.
  • Sponge brushes. Sponge brushes work for easy coverage and sponge effects.
Round and flat brushes offer all the versatility you'll need for most children's applications. They come in a wide range of sizes and affordable collections for all types of multipurpose painting.
Keep in mind that bristle material can also vary significantly. Synthetic bristles are popular for school applications because most kids work with water-based paints such as acrylics and tempera. These bristles won't expand when they get wet or absorb the water from the paint. Synthetic bristles are also more durable and affordable. Natural-hair brushes are best for oil paints and include sable, squirrel, camel and hog hair. When in doubt, check the packaging or listing to find out what paints are suitable for which brushes.

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Teachers are always looking to balance cost with quality, and the school supply pros at John R. Green Co. understand your needs. That's why we carry a wide selection of paintbrushes for elementary students, high school seniors and everyone in between. Whether you want to help train a future artist or simply let your students stretch their creative muscles, we can help. We carry everything you need for classroom painting, including paper, paint and other supplies.
Check out our products for more information on any of our paintbrushes. You can also reach out to us if you have further questions!