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Helping your students become worldly, cultured adults involves pulling information from a variety of sources, such as maps and history texts. However, getting trustworthy sources at affordable prices isn't always easy. That's where John R. Green Co. comes in. We have a massive selection of social studies teaching supplies for sale, so you can help kids learn a variety of skills in the social sciences, from identifying locations on maps to learning about their presidents.

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Social Studies Supplies for Teachers

There are a few different branches of social studies that we can help with, including geography, civics and history.
Learning the maps of the world is an essential skill for any student. A good grasp of geography can help them better understand world events and open up many travel opportunities. More importantly, geography can aid in learning about diverse cultures and celebrating what makes us different. To support this kind of learning, we have many different kinds of social studies classroom resources.
Geography supplies include:
  • Globes. Globes are an excellent visualization tool, especially for young learners who are still understanding the science behind the shape of the Earth. You can find standard globes, fun, inflatable globes and globes with lights and sounds for younger students.
  • Books. We have a versatile collection of geography books for students with everything from states and capitals to resources for teaching with Google Earth.
  • Maps. From posters and desk maps to roller maps and racks, these classic visuals offer important representations of the world and its political divisions.
  • Games. Games and activities can add a little excitement to geography lessons. Help your students put together puzzles of the United States, create their own passports or participate in one of the other geography games we have available.
Outside of geography, you can find a variety of social studies teaching materials for sale for history and civics. Hang up posters about ancient civilizations and famous figures, or supply your students with high-interest texts about the American Revolution or kids from different cultures. Our social studies classroom resources include a wide variety of materials, so you can pick the products and activities that work best with your lessons and students.
Many of our social studies materials for teachers work well with other classroom activities. You could have students read a text about ancient civilizations, such as Greece and Rome. Then, as a class, create a newspaper or postcard from those locations. You could also create mock interviews with famous figures or use a map to talk about a country before diving into activities about the culture there. However you choose to use them, social studies teacher materials can help generate engaging, multimodal activities.

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At John R. Green Co., we understand the need for quality social studies supplies that won't hurt your budget. We carry a wide supply of materials, and our customer service team is always happy to help if you have any questions. Explore our social studies materials for teachers and buy online at your convenience.