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Classroom Notebooks

Notebooks are a key part of many classrooms, from kindergarten to high school. Check out our versatile collection of quality classroom notebooks for sale!

Notebooks are a staple of every classroom, but students of different ages often benefit from different types of notebooks. At John R. Green Co., we have a wide range of notebooks and composition books for sale online, so you can achieve affordable organization that meets your classroom's needs. 

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Our Notebooks and Student Composition Books for Sale

We carry many different types of notebooks for general classroom use or more specialized tasks, such as handwriting:

  • Spiral-bound notebooks: A classic for any classroom, these notebooks have a lay-flat spiral binding, standard page sizes and various ruling options.
  • Composition books: While similar to notebooks, composition books typically lack the three holes punched into spiral notebooks and feature a sewn binding for easy stacking. That makes them a great choice if you'll collect the notebooks regularly to review entries. Composition books are available in standard rules and skip rules for handwriting practice. They also come in bright colors, large rules, horizontal layouts and half-blank pages for drawing space.
  • Tablets: Writing tablets feature tearaway sheets for quick and easy notes with a rigid back to support on-the-go note taking. They're available in various rules and colors, including handwriting tablets.
  • Spelling books and slips: These specialized books are perfect for spelling practice. They come in half-sheets and standard-sized notebooks with a margin or line down the middle of the pages. Skip-line rule is also available for those practicing their penmanship.
  • Blank storybooks: Help your students master their storytelling abilities by pairing blank spaces for drawing with skip-ruled writing areas. These blank storybooks are great for journaling and creative writing.

Notebook Activities for Students

Notebooks are some of the most versatile school supplies available. While students eventually learn to take their own notes during classes, there are many different types of activities you can do to help them gain valuable note-taking skills:

  • Practicing regular journaling: Journaling is a great activity for any age level. It helps kids develop writing skills, organize their thoughts into a cohesive narrative and reflect on events.
  • Teaching note-taking methods: Help students create solid note-taking skills with strategies such as chunking, labeling and the Cornell method.
  • Reading journals: Have students write their own reviews and answer questions about each book they read during silent reading time.
  • Using interactive student notebooks: Interactive student notebooks can vary widely based on age level and ability, but the general idea is to have students fill in one page with teacher-supplied information and personalize it with their own ideas and drawings on the other page. These might include timelines, foldable components and vocabulary flaps for a more tactile experience.

However you use them, notebooks and note-taking activities are excellent resources to help students synthesize information and improve their overall writing and organizational skills.

Classroom Notebooks for Sale From John R. Green Co.

At John R. Green Co., we're committed to bringing affordable, high-quality materials to classrooms of all age ranges. We offer a vast selection of classroom notebooks for sale to meet your students' unique needs, whether they're just learning to write or are seasoned pros in high school. We also provide cost-effective shipping options and special deals on closeout items.

Explore our notebook selection and contact us if you have any questions!