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Music and games are essential for the growth and development of young learners. Our musical instruments and games for learning can help. Explore our inventory!

Music and games are essential for the growth and development of young learners. Our musical instruments and games for learning can help. Explore our inventory!

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Music and Classroom Games

Learning isn't all fun and games — but a lot of it is. Whether you want older kids to keep their thinking hats on during free time or want to create engaging learning opportunities for little ones, The Classroom Store has a wide selection of classroom games for teaching and musical supplies. Kids' musical instruments are also an excellent way to keep the fun going while teaching valuable rhythm skills.

Music Materials for Teachers

While they may not be old enough for expensive and complicated instruments, young learners can experience the joys of music and learn some foundational music skills with age-appropriate instruments. Rhythm kits are a great way to foster this skill, and they include items such as wooden rhythm sticks, cymbals, triangles, castanets and shakers.
Other popular instruments for young students include:
  • Tambourines and hand drums. Kids love to shake and tap the drums for freestyle jam sessions and guided play.
  • Recorders. Recorders are the perfect introductory woodwind for students to play with.
  • Bells. From wrist bells to glockenspiels, bells are a fun instrument that's hard to mess up.
There are loads of songs out there for students to clack, shake and rattle for an easy and fun musical experience. You can also have them tap rhythm sticks from quiet to loud or practice their counting skills by tapping the exact number of beats you specify. Look online for chants and songs you can sing to go along with rhythm instrument sounds.
In addition to instruments, we also have a selection of CDs, many of which have songs that are great for rhythm activities or simply singing along to.

Educational Games for the Classroom

Games can be entertaining, educational or a strong mix of the two. The Classroom Store has a wide range of classroom games for students, from classics such as Monopoly, Twister and Connect Four to money games for learning math and currency skills. We have games for learning:

  • Words and reading. Mad Libs, Scrabble and many other word games are great for increasing fluency. These can also be good games for learning English in language arts and foreign language classes.
  • Mathematics. We have plenty of classroom games for learning math, such as order of operations dice, dominoes and a variety of board games.
  • Brainteasers. Riddles and puzzles keep kids on their toes and support critical thinking during game time.
  • Your own games. As a teacher, you probably have tons of creative games to play with your students. We have Thumballs, dice and blank game boards for you to work into your next lesson.
Educational games for teachers are a great way to help students learn without them even realizing it.

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Teach valuable new skills alongside fun, engaging activities with educational games, musical instruments and CDs. John R. Green Co. delivers quality, cost-effective materials for just about any educational budget. Browse our games and music materials for sale and order online. If you have any questions, our team is happy to help!