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Drawing Tools

Empower your young artists with the right drawing tools for students, all at affordable prices from John R. Green Co.. Browse our selection today!

Art and standard classroom teachers alike can support young illustrators by having the right tools on hand. We offer an array of drawing tools for classrooms, so whether your students want to try calligraphy, sketching or charcoal, John R. Green Co. can help.

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Drawing Pencils, Pens and Accessories

While the classic pencil is an excellent drawing tool, specialized drawing pencils offer much more depth and advanced capabilities.
For example, drawing pencils tend to offer a larger contact surface for the graphite and come in a wide range of hardnesses and lightnesses. This makes them more suitable for specific tasks, such as shading or sketching. Students can learn all about these differences and know when to use a 6B pencil versus a 4H pencil. At John R. Green Co., we have many types of drawing pencils for classrooms, including large classpacks.
When students need a bolder line, drawing pens are the way to go. They offer permanent ink placement with a variety of tips, from fine to broad strokes. They're also excellent for outlining and finishing artwork. Other drawing tools we carry include a range of student calligraphy pens, specifically made for achieving smooth, weighted lines. These pens include penholders, tips and dippable ink for the classic approach, as well as more marker-like calligraphy pens with special tips.
Students may need a few accessories for their drawing utensils, including: 
  • Erasers. Different types of erasers work well on different mediums, but it's always useful to go back and fix mistakes in a piece.
  • Blending sticks. Blending sticks are made of rolled-up paper and can help blend pencils, charcoal, chalk and pastels for smooth coverage.
  • Compasses. Compasses can help students create smooth arcs and perfect circles. Many designs include rulers as well.

Other Drawing Mediums

Drawing doesn't always involve using ink or graphite on paper. We also have drawing tools for some other popular mediums:
  • Block printing: Block printing allows students to draw their artwork on a stamp that can be printed over and over. This is great for learning about negative space and can be marked with just the pressure of a pencil or special carving tools. We carry block printing components as well as the ink, rollers and paper for printing.
  • Charcoal: Charcoal delivers a unique, chalky appearance and is great for blending and sketching. We carry charcoal pencils for cleaner, more precise lines than charcoal sticks.
  • Screen printing: Screen printing supplies offer a fun way to transfer designs onto fabric. This kind of art involves pressing ink down tightly through a stencil with a mesh screen.

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At John R. Green Co., we know teachers are always looking for high-quality, affordable art supplies. We're proud to meet that need for many with a wide selection of products, cost-effective pricing and exceptional customer service.
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