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Whether students are learning about the Earth's crust, parts of a cell or how lightning occurs, science class is the prime opportunity for hands-on and highly engaging activities. To make those activities possible, you need some supplies. At John R. Green Co., we have safety gear, learning kits, lab equipment, books, posters and much more, so you can create the perfect learning environment for your young scientists.

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Science Teaching Supplies for Sale

There are many different branches of science for students to explore, each of which calls for various tools. Whether you're teaching geology, biology, chemistry or some other branch of science, we've got you covered with a variety of supplies:
  • Earth and space science: Help students visualize and learn about the giant rock they live on and the rest of the solar system with models, magnetic diagrams, inflatable planets, telescopes and resource texts. Rock and mineral specimens can help turn geography into a tactile experience, and magnets can help you teach about magnetic fields. Weather also falls under the Earth science category, and we have thermometers, weather-tracking charts and weather stations to support your lessons.
  • Life science: The life sciences are all about the way our bodies work, as well as the cells of other animals and plants. Anatomic models, microscopes, magnetic cell diagrams, classroom greenhouses and outdoor tools such as shovels and tweezers are just a few examples of tools that can help students explore these subjects in various, engaging ways.
  • Physical science: In addition to Earth and space sciences, students will also need to learn about other physical science subjects such as chemistry and electricity. Both offer some fun activities for students, from creating their own circuits to making moving machines or watching chemical reactions occur. We have the supplies for these activities, along with other physical science necessities, including weights, scales, measuring tools and light prisms.
Whichever subject you're working with, science supplies are essential. In addition to the subject-specific supplies mentioned above, we have many science resources for elementary teachers and those who teach older grades.
For young students, you'll find a selection of learning kits with all the science teaching materials you need to help students dissect owl pellets, take care of a butterfly garden and grow plants from just a seed. Our lab equipment for older kids — beakers, cylinders, eye droppers and petri dishes — can help them perform any number of experiments. We also have some safety gear, such as lab coats and goggles, as well as microscopes and accessories for a complete setup.
Finally, our inventory includes a variety of instructional resources and materials for teaching science, including posters, books and games. You can supply a cell diagram in an easy-to-reference poster or provide subject-specific books on exciting science topics.

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At John R. Green Co., we know how important it is to get quality science materials for teachers. Our versatile selection of science teaching supplies for sale comes with cost-effective pricing, so you can get the materials you need within your budget. Show your students the wonders of the world around them with the help of the school supply pros at John R. Green Co..
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