Pyxel the Coding Pet
Young coders will be coding in minutes as they program PYXEL to move, make sounds, express emotions, and more, all while having lots of fun building STEM skills.
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PYXEL™ A Coder's Best Friend is the interactive robot pet that teaches you tricks! With this coding robot for 8 year old coders, children use a computer or tablet to program PYXEL using real coding languages. Code PYXEL to walk, bark, change color, wag its tail, express emotions, and so much more – all while having lots of fun exploring Blockly or Python. Children can activate the code from their tablet or computer or step away from their device and use the Code Activator. Thanks to PYXEL’s easy-to-use interface and step-by-step instructions, young coders will be coding in minutes, so whether you're a coding pro or a first time coder, PYXEL is ready to be your loyal STEM companion.

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