Softee Dough
Cra-Z-Art Softee Dough colorful Super soft modeling compound! Using the mixing chart of the bottom of the package to mix and match tons of colors! Create endless animals, shapes and designs for hours of creative fun! non-toxic ages 2+.
15405 - Assorted Colors, 5/Set
6.65 set

Cra-Z-Art Softee Dough modeling compound allows kids to have tons of fun and use their imagination to create just about anything! Take the dough out of the reusable cups and squeeze, pound and roll into an amazing creation! Mold, shape, and create for hours of endless fun. A great resource for children to use their imagination by creating all types of 3D figures, shapes, and sculptures. Great for color, STEM, and sensory learning too. All the vibrant colors come in reusable storage cups that keep your dough soft and fresh. Perfect for group play, school projects, arts and crafts, DIY parties or just individual creativity!

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